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After multiple internal discussions with the team, we were not satisfied with the name Backtrack. We made the decision to rebrand to

So in short: Spotistats for Spotify will soon be renamed to for Spotify.


The name Spotistats is against the Spotify Developer Policy. Aside from that, it is time to take a step towards other streaming services like Apple Music. The name Spotistats would not fit that well.


Together with our awesome Discord community and Twitter followers, we have been brainstorming for a new name for more than half a year now. We received over a 1000 suggestions and we made polls about the top suggestions on Twitter. After the final poll ended, Backtrack won with the majority of the votes.

While starting the works of rebranding towards Backtrack, we were not satisfied with the name. We had to make a decision. After more brainstorming with the team, we decided to go with the name

Now you may ask, why We are a platform where you can view statistics about your music and perfectly fits that.


We are currently working towards the rebranding of Spotistats to We are expecting to launch the rebranding in the near future.