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What is is an app that allows you to have exciting insights in your Spotify top tracks, artists, genres and a lot more! Je kunt er meer over lezen en de app downloaden via onze website.

Ik heb een bug gevonden, waar kan ik dit melden?

Please contact us at or post it in our Discord server in the #bug-reports channel.

I want to help translate

We waarderen je hulp! Je kan bijdragen aan onze vertalingen op ons Crowdin-project.

The app does not seem to track my streams accurately. What could be the reasons?

This problem exists when the tracks you stream do not show up in the "Recently Played" section of the app, or show up incompletely which can lead to inaccurate stats. It can have several causes.

For the best possible tracking of your streams make sure to:

  • disable Spotify's private sessions or group sessions
  • disable Spotify's offline mode (only a limited amount of tracks, only max. the last 50 streams, are regarded, when coming back online)
  • avoid skipping tracks (for to track your stream properly, you need to fully listen to it)
  • ensure that the setting sync streaming history is enabled so that the stats are kept up to date after importing the listening history files (only applicable for Plus users)

In case you followed all the tips above and are still noticing that streamed tracks in your Recently Played section are missing it is most likely an issue at Spotify. If recently played tracks are both missing in the Recently Played section on and the Spotify app, it is a temporary outage at the Spotify systems which we noticed occasionally in the past months. Usually, the missed tracks are gradually being restored after a few hours and will slowly appear again on too (also note here that only max. the last 50 tracks streamed during downtime can be restored!). If the problem persists for a longer time, directly contact Spotify's support.

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